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About Differently Different

Differently Different is a program for the LGBTQ community to learn about themselves and how to find support and acceptance. We share information to others regarding LGBTQ and hope to promote positivity and uderstanding for friends, family and the world.


Growing up I was different. Certainly, this is not a unique feeling among young folks. Especially among ones who like me, identify in some way that is different from most people. I sought the support from others with common concerns and interests.  But I still felt somewhat isolated and stereotyped, pigeonholed into different definitions that did not necessarily apply to me.  I was not different in the same way that they were different.


I grew up in a small town in Hawaii. Though I enjoy living here, I feel its small town like feel just didn’t work for me. There aren’t many resources for exploring my interests and meeting other people that would allow me to explore myself and who I am. I live very far away from my extended family whom I always felt comfortable talking to and I had very little in the way of friends that I felt I could talk to and be understood by. 


I thought I would find myself by getting to know people outside of my usual social circle. I thought I would try using apps and social sites to connect with random strangers, thinking this is what would help me discover who I am. All I discovered was how cruel and stupid some people can be and how much people will take advantage of you. How much did I learn about myself and where I fit in? How much did I learn about who I am? How much did I learn about the different way that I was different from others? Absolutely nothing.


So where do I fit in? At this site, I hope to share my questions and my journey in which I am yet to finish. It might be easy to apply labels, but how does one find where the “differently different”? Where does one find the labels that fit them. How does one find which/if labels fit them.  


With Differently Different, I hope to help you find those answers. I hope to help you find the answers to those questions as I try to find the answers to them as well. I hope to provide confirmed and questioning members of the LGBTQ community a place to learn about themselves. A place to heal themselves, A place to feel heard. A place that has the information and feel that I wish was around when I started my journey of discovering how I was different. 


I hope these blog posts and other content on this website bring wisdom, insight and positivity into your life and others.


- Evan

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