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'I'm Not Gay But I'm In Love With My Roommate' -- Reddit Story

Article by Evan Parente

Credit: 123RF\mavoimage

A young man took to reddit two months ago to confess he has fallen for his roommate, who is not of his opposite gender.

Referring to his roommate without any real name, the guy who goes by the reddit username u/Outrageous-Author-98, describes his roommate and their dynamic on

“I’m sure I’m Not Gay, but I really love my roommate from college.” The anonymous redditor explains.

The man describes his roommate, a 19 year old man, as his closest friend now. Despite having known him for only 2 years, he sees him as "one of the greatest guys in the whole world.”

The man's roommate is gay and had just recently come out to the OP in the past April. Since then the way in which he's thought of him has changed.

“He’s such a good guy that I’m surprised he’s not taken yet.” The guy explains, before further debriefing on his roommate’s endearing aspects.

“He’s so kind and loving. He has 2 cats from his home JJ and Qiang and they’re so adorable.” I’m already falling for him.

“He’s also understanding and somewhat of an overthinker, like one time we had an accident in the bathroom and I was accidentally exposed in front of him, he kept apologizing the whole day even though I said it’s okay,”

The Redditor proceeds, “He’s so genuine and very handsome too. He’s not like Henry Cavil or Ryan Reynolds handsome, but I think he’s as handsome as that Charlie–I think–from a Netflix show. And his body is lean and toned.”

(I’ll bet you my entire car that he’s referring to Charlie from Heartstopper.

The man admits that he sometimes catches himself from looking at him whenever he takes off his shirt all hot and sweaty after their workouts.

“He also has this stutter when he’s extremely nervous, I know I shouldn’t find it cute but I do.” The man comments.

Despite his clear interest, the man insists he is not gay. “I had a girlfriend before but we broke up already, even before him I’ve only been interested in him and haven’t been turned on by any other guy other than him.” He explains.

Since it’s post, this thread has received 1000 comments and has gone viral across social media platforms such as Tik Tok and Youtube Shorts.

Several commenters have encouraged the author to further explore his sexuality to which he has and is currently exploring his relationship with his roommate.

There have been several comments also about the resemblance between this man and Nick Nelson from the hit alice oseman graphic novel turned netflix series, Heartstopper. His roommate sure sounds a lot like Charlie Spring--I mean, the OP said so himself.

The man has continued to post about his exploration of his sexuality and about his blossoming relationship with his roommate as he lives his own Heartstopper story.

Each commenter has been very supportive of the OP’s story, encouraging him to take things slow and assuring him that there is no need for him to rush this process and to enjoy it.

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